alamo square

27 Views of Alamo Square

27 Views of Alamo Square Park is a video installation piece that is intended to be displayed on a series of small screens or iPads. These video images were intentionally recorded with an iPhone (5s), a personal device like those used by tourists visiting the park every day.

Each ‘view’ is a miniature video landscape lasting 9 minutes in length; 9 minutes because 9 is an integer of 27. The length of time also references the long exposure time involved in taking photographs in the Victorian period that Alamo Square Park was designed and built.

All 27 videos of this piece are available for viewing at our Vimeo page. Go to: Vimeo to watch the various views. But, of course these videos are just the parts of a larger experience we hope to produce in a gallery environment.

restriction of movement

Book of Ours video podcast

In the past the Book of Ours video podcasts took a familiar format of two people, in this case an artist and a writer discussing–through serious critique or through satire: politics, culture and current affairs.

Recently however, we’ve switched our format and have given up the discussions in favor of video essays with the goal of using a broader visual palette while speaking directly on the screen, using voice over, using text or all three in the same video piece.

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